Forensic Computer and Cell Phone Analysis

I offer Forensic Computer Analysis Services to public agencies and private attorneys in both criminal and civil cases.

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The Forensic Computer Analysis Unit of the San Francisco Police Department was created during my tenure as the Director of the Forensic Services Division. I worked closely with the members of that unit in developing forensically sound methods for the examination and analysis of computer data.

For the past seven years, I have undergone specialized training in this field and have examined computer and cellular telephone evidence in over 100 cases. These cases have been venued in both the Superior Courts of the State of California and the Federal District Courts. I have qualified as an expert in the field on a numerous occasions.

I have been retained by both public agencies and private attorneys in essentially all the counties of central and northern California. References are available upon request.

I utilize the same hardware and software that is used by the Forensic Computer Analysis Units of the major law enforcement agencies throughout the nation. I use state-of-the-art software (Encase and Forensic Toolkit) that allows comprehensive searching for both intact and erased files.

I also utilize specialized software that can reconstruct email and Internet history. This can include material that has been erased by the operating system, but still exists on the hard drive.

I can also image computers in a forensically sound manner, using write blockers to prevent any change to the computers hard drive while imaging. This allows the image of that computer to be used as evidence in court.

The following are typical applications of this technology:

Recovery of email, including precise dates and times the messages were sent and/or received.

Recovery of web history, including what was actually seen by the user.

Recovery of images and/or videos.

These techniques can also be applied to cellular telephones. I can also use cellular tower information in order to determine the location of a cell phone users when a particular call was made.

I apply the highest standards of forensic analysis. An important component of sound forensic computer analysis is that each step in the process be documented clearly and in detail, so that the analysis can be duplicated by other experts if needed as part of the development of a case and its presentation in court.